About Us


Hella Good Shop is located on Long Island, New York.  We are a small family owned company that works hard and strives to give customers the best service possible at all cost.

Our business and livelihood depends on you.  This is why each customer is taken care of with courtesy and respect no matter the situation.

We hope you are 100% satisfied using our products as we are creating them. Our handmade items are made right here in the U.S.A.

We got started in crafts with our children Allie & Christian as small children and they have always enjoyed making shirts and holiday ornaments.  It was always a good time for us as family.  We have created many memories and laughs over the years.  

As Allie has gotten older she was creating her own design T-shirts and scarfs and people loved them. Always asking where they could get one.

Now Christian is getting creative and making baseball caps and socks. 

During Covid we figured we would start adding these items to our existing Hella Good Shop store.  So far so good.  Me and Andrea like that we still are able to get together with the kids to do Arts n Crafts. Lol.

We think our stain remover is Hella Good.  We developed this product because of our son Christian who plays travel baseball would always get dirt and grass stains on his white uniform.  We could not find a product out there that would completely remove the stain.  We always felt these stain removers could of done a better job. Disappointed with the results we started our own testing.  After months and months we finally came up with our solution.  We first tested it on Christian's uniforms and we were pleasantly shocked of how good it came out.  Our daughter Allie (20 years old) seen it and couldn't believe it and said that stuff is Hella Good! This is where our stain remover got its name.  Over time we got to  try it on many difficult stains on clothes, upholstery and carpets and to our surprise it worked on those as well.

We would love to hear from you.  Please if you like our products leave a review and if for any reason you are not satisfied please email us at sales@hellagoodshop.com.

Thank You Everyone For Your Support.  Stay Healthy And Safe And Keep Your Clothes looking Hella Good.